Uber Chicago is Looking for Drivers

Written for Uber Car Organization
Published on November 2nd 2015

Uber Chicago blog

Uber Chicago blog

Ride requests in certain parts of Chicago have been on the rise for Uber for a while, causing them to team up with local organizations to look for new Uber drivers. They needed about 10,000 of them in June of this year and apparently, they already found half of them.

Here’s the original blog that I wrote:

Living in Chicago? Uber’s looking for you!

If you’re living in the South or West Sides of Chicago, then Uber wants you to start driving for them!

Ride requests in these areas have been rising, since earlier this year, and more Uber drivers are needed to keep up with demand. In fact, they announced in June of this year, that they needed 10,000 drivers!

In order to find them, Uber had joined the Chicago Urban League, who heavily support the objective for any upcoming company, to not only create jobs for the people of Chicago, but also give people the chance to do the work on their own terms and close to home.

Just recently,  it was announced that 5,000 Uber drivers have already been found!

Which car to choose

Choose a 4 door sedan, when you have to look for a car to use as an Uber driver. It has to seat up to 4 passenger, excluding yourself as the driver.

Make sure the car is from the year 2000 or newer and it has to look good, so no visual markings or salvaged vehicles.

Your car will be inspected by Uber and needs to pass the inspection before you can drive for them.

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