“Snowzilla” Jonas Got The Better Of Uber

Written for Uber Car Organization
Published January 25th 2016

Even Uber couldn't keep driving through snow storm Jonas

Even Uber couldn’t keep driving through snow storm Jonas

There’s much that seems to affect Uber, but snow blizzard Jonas managed to do the impossible. It actually shut down Uber’s services in a few places. In fact, in Washington there was only one Uber driver who dared to take on the snow during the storm. He was responsible for getting many medical workers to provide much needed health care.

Here’s the original blog I wrote:

When the snow blizzard hit the states up and down the eastern coast, Uber had to admit, that even they couldn’t provide their popular services anymore.


Even before the Jonas snow storm hit, Uber had  taken precautions to prevent prices from surging too high; adding a limit to the highest price. But when Jonas actually arrived this weekend, the storm proved to be too big for Uber to keep its drivers on the road in the area of New York,  New Jersey, Lancaster and Harrisburg.

From Saturday 2pm the Uber app would notify people in the area that they couldn’t book an Uber ride.

Though similar circumstances were taking place in the Washington area, Uber did allow their partners to drive if they felt up for it. The company told drivers to drive slow speeds and find safe pickup locations in order for their service to continue. But not many treaded the snow.

The Washington Post reports that Osman Khan was actually the only Uber driver on the road for the longest time. When asked why he was driving, it turns out he felt someone had to. However down to earth as that may sound, his rides included a doctor and nurses, who were much needed at hospitals.

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