New York Uber drivers can challenge deactivation

Published November 23rd 2016

Once you’ve messed up as an Uber driver, it is pretty difficult to get back into Uber’s good graces. There are steps to redeem yourself, but it’s a long hard road. As of now, if you’re an Uber driver in New York City, you can actually challenge Uber’s decision to kick you off their services.

To appeal the deactivation, the driver has to appear in front a panel of peers. Deactivation can occur when there’s been actual misconduct, but it could also occur when rating is very low. This could also happen after a time of no activity as an Uber driver.

Just like the Uber drivers in London, who protested yesterday, Uber drivers in New York have combined their strengths as a union to start negotiating a better situation for them. There are over 40,000 drivers in New York, so Uber had no choice but to recognize the IDG (Independent Drivers Guild). The appeals process is the first result of their efforts.

The panel will exist of 5 other Uber drivers selected by IDG to review and hear the case. The hearings are overseen by the American Arbitration Association, which is a nonprofit group. Drivers who’ve been deactivated for anything considered a “zero-tolerance violation” won’t be able to appeal. A separate process has been put in place for those who challenge their low ratings deactivation. Read more in Uber’s official statement.


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