London Uber drivers want more money

Published November 22nd 2016

My main fascination with Uber (and companies alike), is the fact that they shake up the establishment. It’s not a bad thing to have people rethink rules and regulations, but there’s also a flip side. Uber is also called to rethink their strategy.

No Minimum Wage Earnings

Over 100 Uber drivers in London have pointed one major Uber flaw out to their city’s mayor. When it comes down to it, Uber is not even paying the minimum wage.

The drivers slowed down traffic in Central London, even more than what’s usual for the city, with their go-slow protest to put the pressure on the mayor, Sadiq Khan, to insist that Uber guarantees a minimum wage. The London Uber drivers are claiming they are receiving approximately £5 per hour and some are working double shifts up to 90 hours a week. Uber claims the drivers are earning more and a 90 hours work week is not common.

Vacation Time and Sick Days

Three weeks ago, Uber lost an employment tribunal verdict, forcing the company to view UK Uber drivers as employees instead of self-employed. This opens up the requirement of having Uber pay minimum wage to its drivers, but it also entitles drivers more employment benefits such as sick days and vacation time. The protest was intended to put an additional pressure on the city. Uber still sees the drivers as being their “own boss” (according to a spokesperson who spoke to The Guardian).

In the middle of next year, London will decide about Uber’s license to operate in UK’s capital and drivers are hoping the city will hold Uber to same requirements as other licensed taxi services. And so the new kid on the block who’s trying to give the establishment a run for their money might get kicked back in line.



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