Rachel Foxx, UK’s newest flame

London, UK, is often the birthplace of really good soul music. With a lively R&B scene, it’s no surprise that it has now introduced me to its latest upcoming artist. Her name is Rachel Foxx and she’s been getting noticed by more people than me.

Rachel Foxx

Rachel Foxx sets the UK soul scene on fire

Rachel Foxx Updates Soul Music

Her music clearly shows influences of jazz, quiet storm and neo soul, but her lyrical delivery make it very contemporary. It brings an R&B flavor to it that makes it come full circle. It suits the 23 year old like a comfy glove.

I was sent a link to preview her third EP, before it’s release. This was a while ago, but I got so behind with e-mail that I’d overlooked it. I just happened to rediscover it when I was looking for something to listen to while I was working. I’m glad I did. The girl offers a great catalog of music to work to.

Defining Her Musical Identity

Her 7 track EP, “Flame”, continues where her previous EPs have left off, but you can hear her growth. The music is maturing. Some of her previous material would offer soul music with a clearer influence of electronic music.  Just listen to “Love and War” from 2013. This is not gone – her music would still work for the clubs – but it’s not as present now either. Sounds like she’s defining, or rather fine tuning, her musical identity as an artist.

Flame EP

Despite, initially, not connecting to the first track, “Daydream” , it really didn’t take me too long to connect to the rest. Perhaps the first track is just not as well put together, somehow, because it’s a freestyle. Once it’s put into that perspective, props to her. The other songs have a clearer structure. The change between verses and hooks are bigger and some songs have a more commercial sound (if I may call it that). Her voice is rhythmic, flexible and easy going, and so are her melodies. There’s a casual, mellow flow to it with a happy vibe.


“Happen To Me” is a track that stands out for me, because I just love that funky, disco sound. It’s smooth, groovy and just fun and happy. Great for this year’s summer jam.

Another favorite for me is “Don’t Be Shy” (not to be confused with Kule T’s “Don’t Be Shy” which was featured in my last music blog. It just must be a popular topic). Rachel’s “Don’t Be Shy” is very rhythmic and I, very slightly, feel there’s a hint of dancehall in it. It’s just got this great vibe where “Wish” is almost a retro pop song.

90s Flashback: Case and Don-E

With the song “Mistress”, Rachel Foxx brings us an updated flashback to Case’s “Touch Me Tease Me”. However, it’s not a cover. The song just casually makes a cameo.

“Mistress” was actually released in April to lead the EP release. The EP version is great, to begin with, but her previously released single version is actually my favorite version. I don’t know why they didn’t put that on the EP. The non-EP version features UK singer-songwriter Don-E. His rap gives the song an additional boost.

Donald McLean (aka Don-E), just like Case, broke through in the 90s and he quickly became a songwriter to many other artists. For whatever reason, I never forgot his first song “Love Makes The World Go Round” and was really happy to hear him feature on Rachel’s song.

I Felt A Spark

But all that aside, the star is rising when it comes to Rachel and the buzz around her is growing, especially after her appearance for the Colors show on YouTube, last year. She’s said to be working on a full album now, for which, I think, it’s high time.

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