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Matt Goss sends out an SOS with “Red Flares”

Send out an SOS and the red flares: The city of Las Vegas is turning August 8th 2018 into an official Matt Goss day. The original Londoner has been bringing a little bit of British class and style to Sin City for almost 10 years!

Matt Goss is Making Moves

Pretty soon, Matt is celebrating his 100th show at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. He’s performing at the London Palladium this month, an upcoming jazz album and he has released a brand new pop single, “Red Flares”.

Coming Full Circle With Red Flares

Things certainly seem to be going well for the singer and “Red Flares”, the new single, hints at on another musical journey. It brings him on the path of contemporary R&B. And you know what? I really like it.

Matt is not one of those artists with one distinctive sound or music genre. Instead, he’s been on a musical adventure throughout his career. After Bros, he tested out the waters with dance music, 90s R&B, classic soul songs, cabaret, jazz and pop. Now, he’s back to R&B. He’s come full circle, but there’s an added ingredient: Experience.

Strong Vocals

Don’t underestimate the power of 100 shows to a vocalist. His voice on “Red Flares” is nowhere near the high vocals you remember from his Bros days – not that I think you should still compare today’s Matt Goss (49) with the 19 year old Matt Goss from Bros. But anyway, the vocals are very strong in a lower register. His deliverance of the song works great together with the production.

This is the first track that I’ve heard from him, in a while, that has got me quite impressed. The song is radio friendly, easy to get into and it’s safe. There’s no risk taken in the production, other than the fact that I wouldn’t have expected this type of song from Matt Goss.

More New Music

Despite the R&B genre being picked for “Red Flares”, this is not the genre he will keep pursuing. Two other singles are due out in the next few months and Matt has already revealed that his new material features different genres. The new jazz album will be released next year.

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