Nothing numbing about Melanie C

Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 1st 2016

Melanie C

Melanie C review

If you were wondering why Melanie C was quick to turn down being part of the Spice Girls reunion this year (to celebrate the fact that their debut single “Wanna Be” was exactly 20 years ago), then here’s the reason; Melanie has better things to do.

Together with Sons of Sonix, she’s released the single “Numb” this week and to make it short: It’s a really good song. With it, Mel is returning to dance music and showing, once more, that she’s not just sporty, but also very surprising spice.

It’s very easy to underestimate her, especially due to her past as Sporty spice, but she has proven to be the most versatile spice around. Effortlessly, she’s moved from pop to rock music, via dance, throughout her career. But she’s also done a lot of interesting one-off things, like cover the James Bond song “For Your Eyes Only” (originally by Sheena Easton) and record a musical cover of “I Know Him So Well” (from the musical Chess) with other former Spice Girl, Emma Bunton.

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