P!NK gives fans feedback on their covers

Written for Kurrent Music
Published November 3rd 2017


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While I’ve been blogging in these past two years, I’ve also been promoting my Kurrent Music blogs on social media. Every once in awhile, I’ll see a little hint of my blogs reaching the artist. I get a like by some of them. Some will retweet my blog or respond. I’ve even had some of their collaborative musicians (engineers and producers) reach out to me. They will show pride by telling me they’d worked on the music I loved so much, and they enjoyed reading my blog about it.

All of these people don’t know (well, now they will) that I actually save all these responses. It’s not what I blog for, but it’s a benefit when it reaches someone whose music I’ve loved for years or artists I admired when I was kid. Somehow, I still think that what I do will never reach these people, so it’s just a surprise every time I notice the world is pretty small, after all.

Glamour Magazine has decided to make the world even smaller between fan and artist by starting a series of YouTube videos. In the videos, stars watch the best or most impressive or extraordinary cover versions of their songs. Their response gets send to the fan, which causes for amazement all around. It’s heartwarming to watch.

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