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Written for Kurrent Music
Published May 6th 2017


Paramore blog

I will just start this blog off right: Paramore are releasing real interesting material lately.

It’s no wonder that the video for “Told You So” has been trending on social media since it’s release. Ok, it’s not reaching the insane millions of views I’ve seen massive stars like DJ Khaled featuring Justin Bieber achieve, but it’s clear that people are liking this track more than their previous songs.

Paramore have been around for ages and bring a mix of pop and punk. Their videos are balancing the line of 80s inspired videos, with their colorful outfits, and just being artistic altogether.

You can really tell that the strength of this band lies with front singer Hayley Williams, who on one hand is still living up to the original intention of her record label to turn her into a regular female pop singer and on the other hand, shows she’s got an edge. She reminds me of Gwen Stefani, in that regards. She’s got style, in the middle of being artistic, which captivates.

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