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Written for Kurrent Music
Published July 27th 2017

Musiq Soulchild

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Leading the way to the new album, “Feel The Real”, Musiq Soulchild has dropped two new videos, recently, and he’s bringing that real smooth jazzy r&b that we know him to bring.

Musiq has been working independently since 2013 and finally released his first indie album last year, “Life on Earth”. I was a bit worried that things would become really unpredictable in terms of bringing us a steady flow of releases, but I had nothing to worry about. His new album is actually a double album and will contain 24 tracks, so being independent seems to make him more productive and, I have to admit, from what I’ve heard so far the quality is not suffering under pressure.

The main song everyone seems to focus on is the song “Simple Things”, but “Start Over” is slightly simpler to get into and looks more personal to the singer. The video features him and what I thought was his wife, but some press have been stating other things (ex-girlfriend), so I’m lost. It could make it even more personal.

In the video, the song is explained not only as a “I wish we could start over”-song, but it’s also allowing two former lovers to daydream about what could’ve been, as he also explains in his interview with Billboard about the song.

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