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Written for Kurrent Music
Published March 19th 2017

Marc Nelson

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Last week, Marc Nelson dropped a brand new track on Soundcloud and announced that more new music was coming. After the attempted comeback of Az Yet, and while he’s still part of the Boyz II Men Vegas show, Marc will be returning with music of his own.

Officially, the album “Marc: My Words” was his latest album release. It stems back from 2007, but for years, various original tracks have been popping up on the Internet, either by him or featuring him. Most of us will only know him for R&B music, but if you look hard enough you will find dance tracks, jazz and even some regular pop songs from the versatile singer and songwriter.

His new song, “I’m Open”, brings him back to R&B, but it gives a hint of something new at the horizon within this genre. At least where he’s concerned. You see, I detect a little updating to today’s R&B instead of the 90s retro style he usually presents. It’s also the first time, to as far I can think of anyway, that he let a rapper feature on one of his songs. It all makes it sound very promising with the announcement of new music that might be coming.

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