Bruno Mars is working on new treasures

Written for Kurrent Music
Published March 17th 2016

Bruno Mars

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Finally, the rumors are getting stronger and stronger that  Bruno Mars will be releasing new music this year. He’s had such a strong run in the music scene since 2009 and I feel he’s let a lot of time pass for new music to be released to us.

The music business is so much about momentum. As an artist – upcoming as well as established – you always have to be ready to go. Some artists are well prepared and do always tend to have a lot of material lying around, but sometimes demand just keeps meeting supply and you really are working on the go.

Either way, when you have your break, everyone knows that’s the time to fully exploit your moment. And people in the business get a bit nervous when there’s a gap in between releases. They want to keep releasing new music that’s up to par, because you have to keep it moving. After all, your time could end tomorrow.

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