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Written for Kurrent Music
Published August 21st 2017

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When someone talks about lip syncing, Britney Spears is bound to come up in conversation. I remember when “Womanizer” was just released, I went to LA to record my demo song “Burner” (a song heavily inspired by Britney’s sound). I just had a conversation with someone in the studio on about how I felt my vocals were really weak, but got given the advice to study Britney closely, because most of her vocals were thickened by layers of background vocals, usually done by others.

It’s been insinuated countless times that Britney can’t sing, especially live. It’s been proven many times that she was lip syncing during her shows. Fan made videos on YouTube would dispute that with montages of Britney’s old performances from her days leading up to her first album and insinuate that Britney fell victim to her own image and the pressures of the business.

All discussions aside, I’ve always assumed she didn’t get her record deal just because. Record companies like a safe bet and that means you either are good at what you do or you are already famous for doing something else. This philosophy could be backed up by pre “Baby, Hit Me One More Time” performances, which shows Britney still developing her distinct Britney sound and singing pretty well live.

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