Brandy is throwing it out there on social media

Written for Kurrent Music
Published July 26th 2017


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Let me just get this straight: I love social media. You can find me there a few times a day, but I also hate social media. Mainly for showing me a different side to the artists I love. A side I wish I didn’t know about.

There are pretty harmless irritations that I ‘suffer’ from, like bad selfies or the oversharing of personal opinions, thoughts or activities, but the worst is when they fight online. I know, it provides good entertainment for some, but it irritates me to find out how petty or arrogant some people can become.

This week there suddenly were a couple of cryptic messages from r&b singer Brandy. At first, it looked like they were directed to followers who were responding to a picture of her with Mariah Carey, but then a long message was posted directed at Songwriter TC.  The two had collaborated a while back.

I follow Brandy on Instagram and TC on Twitter. Brandy’s long post really took me by surprise.

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