Lady of Soul Berget Lewis takes on the UK

Written for Kurrent Music
Published October 16th 2017

Berget Lewis

Berget Lewis blog

In April of this year, I’d already mentioned her in my blog about Glennis Grace who had just gone viral online and now, Berget Lewis is causing a commotion of her own.

She’s our very own lady of soul. She’s a household name here in The Netherlands and considered one of the greatest soul singers we have, even when she was just a background singer. As part of the annual Ladies of Soul event, she reached a massive audience, and now through X Factor UK, she hopes to reach a bigger, international audience.

The diva, as she was called by the X Factor judges, could so be living next door to you here. She’s very down to earth offstage and enjoys a pretty simple life, but onstage the star in her comes to life.

Berget grew up on music. With her siblings, she was always singing in church and at home, and quickly discovered her own talent. I seriously think there was no other road for her to take, but the one to a music career. Still, her popularity has only come around within the last decade.

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