Jack Savoretti Sings Stories To Strangers

Jack Savoretti currently tours around Europe singing to strangers. He sings songs that remind you of the old days, but doesn’t stick to one particular era. Nevertheless, each song is a story worth listening to.

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Jack Savoretti

Jack Savoretti releases story book album

Jack Savoretti Has A Way With Words

Recently, it was World Poetry Day (March 21). A lot of song lyrics sound like poetry, so it’s no surprise that some artists start out writing poems and transition into songwriting. Jack Savoretti is one of those singer-songwriters.

His song catalog is full of impressive lyrics and full of romance, sometimes in agony. On his recent album, “Singing To Strangers”, he’s explored various styles of music. With it, he’s made every song an individual story and delivered a great album.

Kylie Minogue Collaboration

I got introduced to him via his duet with Kylie Minogue, “The Music’s Too Sad Without You”, for her album “Golden”. He got Kylie to step out of her role as pop singer, the way Nick Cave also did on their duet “Where The Wild Roses Grow”. “The Music’s Too Sad Without You” is full of melancholy. I loved it right away, but it’s not one of Kylie’s most successful singles. Nevertheless, a live version of the song is included on Jack’s album.

Bob Dylan

There’s another interesting collaboration on the album that caught my attention. “Touchy Situation” was written in collaboration with none other than Bob Dylan. Because of this, I was expecting a real folk song, but it’s a pop song that reminds me a bit of Joe Cocker.

Singing To Strangers

“Singing To Strangers” is Jack’s 6th album and reminisces in a vibe that makes you travel through time. His cinematic lead single, “Candlelight”, sounds like it scores a western movie in its beginning and end. In the middle, it could be a fit for a James Bond movie. However, the follow up single, “What More Can I Say”, brings back 70s soul in full swing. Other songs on the album, like “Youth & Love”, vibe on 80s pop. Altogether, the album is an interesting mix of folk, soul and pop. I love the title too, “Singing To Strangers. It’s so self explanatory. No wonder it reached no 1 in the album charts in the UK.

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