Happy 60th Birthday, Madonna!

Pop icon Madonna turns 60 today! To me, this day is a holiday in order to celebrate this and honor the woman who’s been of great influence to me.

Madonna at 60

Madonna celebrates 60th birthday

One Lucky Star

You know, I can’t remember when I actually became a fan. I’ve been a fan for as long as I know. It must have happened when “Holiday” or “Lucky Star” was released. I had only just discovered pop music. Madonna didn’t only have great songs that I loved, but she was colorful with her outfits. And she was sexy. I was a little girl who didn’t fully understand it. I just thought she was cool.

On Point

She was on point and made me want to grow up quickly, so I could look like her and wear the clothes she was wearing. She sparked an interest in makeup, fashion, dance, womanhood, sexuality and music. Madonna ended up impacting me so much in areas that probably would not have reached me in any other way. Or, at least, not in that timeframe.

Madonna study

I kind of embraced her like a teacher and studied her from afar – I can do a mean Madonna imitation because of it! Only in my teens, I started to rebel a little and slowly pull away from wanting to become a Madonna-wannabe in life and my artistry. I remained influenced by her. Her impact is notable throughout my life, but it’s not just in music.

Reinvent Yourself

Madonna is known for the constant reinvention of herself. I’m sure it all started as a marketing tool and driven by an artistic and creative free spirited nature. But it has shown me the power of flexibility in life. Being open to change things. Even in the moments where I questioned her path or her standpoint,  I had the most respect for that type of strength she showed.

Show No Mercy

She’s embraced life and showed no mercy. Or at least that’s what it looked to the outside. Recently, a few personal items went up for auction. A letter where Tupac parted ways with her and a letter she wrote making moves on a female model. There have been many books written and interviews given by people who were once close to her. I  read some and think she had a fair share of heartbreak and betrayal.

Madonna magic

I follow her on social media. That took some getting used to. I’ve often said that I must have been one of her biggest fans, at some point, but I wouldn’t want to meet her. That magic bubble she had to me as my idol could burst open. Her social media usage has definitely shown me a different side to her, which I’ve not always understood. But, recently, when I see the pictures of her and her kids in Lisbon, I can only be happy for her. She seems so settled, stress-free and really seems to enjoy life. Well deserved at 60 and I’m happy I could see most of those years from a distance. Happy Birthday, Madonna. To many more years!

PS: Madonna, I’m open to meeting you now.

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