Emma Bunton, Baby-Please-Don’t-Stop Spice

With a Spice Girls reunion show in the works, girl next door member Emma Bunton (once known as Baby Spice) shows grand ambitions to make 2019 her year.

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Emma Bunton Makes 2019 Her Year

I was quite surprised to hear that Emma Bunton is releasing new solo music. Whatever happened to those Spice Girls plans? Mind you, the 20th anniversary of “Wanna Be” has long passed by and, eventually, led to an announcement of a reunion tour (without Victoria Beckham). This is still set for May 2019. However, Emma is going to bank on it a little more. Besides performing with the Girls, she’s also releasing a new solo album and – reportedly – finally marrying her life partner Jade (former member of Damage). It’s a busy year.

Mommy Time

It’s a long time ago, since the last solo release. Her last album, “Life In Mono”, didn’t really get the attention her first two solo albums received. Emma was pregnant at the time of the release of the album and never promoting it. Nevertheless, Emma was not a stay at home mom. She started a company Kit & Kin, selling baby nappies and wipes. However, a good 12 years later, she returns to music fully.

If You’re Happy And You Know It

The new album is called “My Happy Place” and promises no change from what we’ve already heard and seen from her as an artist. Whether with or without the Spice Girls, Emma is the sweet pop singer, who’s not taken too many risks. She’s consistently contained a happy-go lucky vibe.

Baby Please Don’t Stop

To lead this album, the single “Baby Please Don’t Stop” was released. Just like her song “Maybe” – and even the Spice Girls track “Stop Right Now” – it’s got a strong retro sound nodding to the 60s. Even in your first go around, listening to this song, you’ll sing along with its chorus by the middle of the song. The colorful, bubbly video enhances the fun and lightheartedness.

Most of the songs on the new album are covers. Some of Emma’s favorite classics. A few of them, she’s turned into duets, like a new version of the Spice Girls “2 Become 1”.  Robbie Williams joins her on this and I wonder if it sounds like their performance at Heart Radio. They performed the song there, a few years ago. Other song partners are her fiance Jade Jones, Will Young and Josh Kurma. “My Happy Place” is out April 12th.

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