Claire Richards Steps Out On Her Own

For fans, Claire Richard’s solo career is long overdue, but now she really steps out on her own with the first single from her upcoming solo debut album, “My Wildest Dreams”.

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Claire Richards

Claire Richards in her first steps alone

A Powerful Statement

It’s not the connection to Steps, but a tweet sent out by music producer Steve Anderson, that put me onto the song “On My Own”. Somehow, I was expecting an uptempo melodic disco-pop song, much like what I know from Steps. However, the song is a timeless first class power ballad, which supports any kind of personal triumph.

Claire Richards On Her Own

Perhaps, that’s also what it is for Claire. A solo career in music has been in the cards since 2003, but got postponed a few times for family life, Steps reunions and television work. Alongside, her struggle with weight has been very public. Even most recently, in preparation of her single release, she’s lost weight. So, I can imagine this song has a lot of personal meaning to her, but the song sounds to describe a story of someone empowered by people who didn’t see her potential.

Many Achievements To Be Proud Of

I didn’t follow the career of Steps all that closely, but reading up on Claire’s work life, I spotted a vast amount of people who did see her potential in various areas. In, pretty much, whichever work she has done, she’s been recognized for her talents, whether that is as a receptionist, a singer or even as a TV reality star. Awards, good record sales or high ratings followed. And to add to the latter; she’s had some personal achievements within, like losing weight or mastering new singing techniques.

My Wildest Dreams

Claire has got a lot to feel empowered for and to be proud of. Judging on the songwriters who’ve worked on her upcoming album, I expect the personal empowerment theme to continue. On “My Wildest Dreams”, she’s enlisted the help of Diane Warren (who wrote “If It Happened To You” by Lady Gaga), Tim Larsson and Tobias Lundgren (who worked with Gabrielle on her new album), and the previously mentioned Steve Anderson. Claire has co-written one of the album tracks called “Brave”.

The album is due for release on November 2nd. Her single, “On My Own” is out now. There’s also an acoustic version of the song available, but personally, I like the original version better.

And Steps?

They are just on a break and it sounds like they will be back, at some point, with Claire.

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