Boy George strips down for “Life”

Boy George and Culture Club back up the title track of their first album in about 19 years with authentic video. The video, “Life”, shows Boy George like you’ve never seen him before.

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Boy George

Boy George in “Life” video

Boy George Is Older And Wiser

Within the first words, I notice Boy George’s voice is lower and rougher than I remember it to be. George O’Dowd added the word “Boy” to his name, because he used to look like a girl when he broke through with Culture Club. This was in a time when this was considered weird, BTW. I have to admit, I loved him for it back then. Hey, I was a little girl on the verge of discovering make up and didn’t care who was showing me the possibilities. Even with his new video, I can’t help but study his face and how his makeup looks. George has lived, as in: He has tried everything under the sun. I think this resonates in his voice today. His soulful voice sounds like it could almost suit blues music.

While looking at him, I can’t help but feel I’ve not seen him look this good for a while.

A Full Circle With Culture Club Reunion

In recent interviews, he’s admitted that he cleaned up and detoxed himself and, finally, found happiness within himself. The self reflection that (probably) comes with your fifties is all over the new album, “Life”. It was released in October of last year and reunites Boy George with his musical beginnings.

Culture Club really put a mark on the music we remember the 80s for. The bands impact even made the group a topic in my music class at school, years later. You just couldn’t get around “Karma Chameleon”. For George and the band, the collaboration might feel like coming full circle, as well as getting a shot at something they probably weren’t really ready for in those days.

The Album “Life”

On the new album, Culture Club deliver exactly what they are. There’s a mature merging of cultures and a mix of various music styles. Their previous single, “Let Somebody Love You”, marks a return to reggae, but be no fool to think they are doing another “Karma Chameleon” throughout the album.

“Different Man” is a full soul song with gospel influences. To me, this sounds like a single. “God & Love”, with its gripping bass line and guitars, has something dark about it. Somehow, it reminds me of Jamiroquai. “Bad Blood” is funky, with its walking bass line, and “Human Zoo” has something tropical about it. “Oil & Water” is a very straightforward, but honest ballad.

Boy George

Boy George strips make up in “Life” video

Title Track And Its Video

The title track, “Life” now also has a video. It shows Boy George in close up, surrounded by various illustrations. Everything about the video authentically supports the message of the songs lyrics. And therefore, it’s also open to my own interpretation.

While Boy George sings about himself and his personal journey about becoming more positive, I wonder who this “you” is in the words of the chorus. Who or what provides him hope? The answer is in the shots of him with his reflection in the mirror. It’s all about self love.

In particular, the scene when George is in minimal makeup and cries is captivating. There’s the one thing, I didn’t expect to ever see from him. After all, makeup in the excess of Boy George provides a great mask to hide behind. I  guess you should always expect the unexpected.

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