Ben Platt Takes On New Role As Singer

Actor Ben Platt gets ready to release his debut album, “Sing To Me Instead”, on March 29th. A great move from the big screen to your favorite streaming services.

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Ben Platt

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Ben Platt, The Actor

You could think that Ben Platt is one of the many actors, who want to become singers, but both acting and singing have been intertwined for him throughout his career. You may know him most from his role in the Pitch Perfect movies. However, he already took to fame in the theater world with his roles in several Broadway musical productions. In 2017, he got signed as a singer which led to a reign of songs and videos getting dropped at lightning speed on YouTube. The video “Grow As We Go” was the first one to catch my eye.

Grow As We Go

The song describes a topic that most of us have probably been in, when it comes to relationships. Someone feels the need to create room to grow, leaves, and the other is left wondering why. The video shows the story told in dance and music. Combining two of my favorite things. The song in itself was enough to get him on the list of potential music blog topics as I shared a screen shot of the video on my general Instagram account. But, then I discovered he had released a new song, last Friday, “Temporary Love”. In comparison to “Grow As We Go”, which is small in production, “Temporary Love” is a lot bigger; a power ballad that blends well with today’s music on the radio.

Ben Platt, The Music Man

I like Ben as the singer. All of the songs I’ve heard so far, are well written and describe real life situations that are easy to relate too. The productions seem to all lean mostly on the piano as their main instrument, which I like a lot, too. His voice is easy to listen to and seems to lend itself well to the adult contemporary pop genre he’s taken on, with a little hint of gospel and soul. In fact, I think he’s laying the foundation of what could be a really good music career. He chose not to go with trending music, but to keep it close to himself and, therefore, pretty timeless.

Ease My Mind

I get the impression he used the album as a bit of diary to introduce himself as himself. It feels authentic. His first video release, “Ease My Mind”, got a lot of media writing about him, because he came out as gay using the video. Love and relationships seems to be on his mind in a lot of the songs. The album, “Sing To me Instead”, is to contain 12 songs. Some songs are co-written by Ben.

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