Every person and business has a story. Your biography tells this story and answers questions like what your motivation has been, and how you got from your start to today.

Biographies are a great way to present your mission and achieved milestones, with the intent of introducing yourself to someone new.

I have written many biographies over the years, including a few about myself. It’s much easier to write biographies about others though.

On paper, a biography works best on just one page, so a lot of editing usually is done. It’s usually easier to let other people decide which things can be removed from your bio.

On your website, you can extend further, though it doesn’t matter who you are and what you do. It’ll make life a lot easier when you have more than one biography of yourself on file, both short and long. A lot of websites ask you to write a little bit about yourself.

My Experience With Biographies

Besides writing my own biographies (for my music and other work), I have recently (2015) written over 500 short artist biographies for established and upcoming artists. Before this, I’d written artist biographies for:

Rojay (R&B singer)
3-Street (UK Pop Group)
Beverley Knight (UK R&B Singer)
Good-Guyz (Dutch only) (German Pop Group)
Melanin (UK R&B Group)
Robbie Glover (UK Pop Singer)

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