Portfolio: Ingredientenzoeker logo

Client: My own project
Year: 2019

Years ago, I started a personal website to make my collection of recipes searchable. In order to fight food waste, I wanted to search on ingredient (or more ingredients, at a time). The idea is triggered because I always end up getting ingredients I rarely use, whenever I try recipes out. This way I could match recipes and plan my cooking attempts better.

Fighting Food Waste and Save Money

Anyway, I’m slowly working on turning the website public. My goal is to share more of my own recipes there. I also hope that it will help other people use up their left over ingredients and support the idea of food prepping. Ultimately, I hope to contribute to the reduction of food waste and help people save money on their groceries.

Ingredients Searcher

The website is going to be in Dutch only and the name is (freely translated) “ingredients searcher”. I know, it’s a little misleading. I should’ve named it recipe finder. Missed opportunity there. However, I did take the opportunity to create a simple logo for it.

Logo Design

It’s a looking glass that doubles as a pan with the ingredient of an egg in it. I thought an egg would be the most recognizable. The whole logo should explain itself when you look at it. This is what it looks like in black and in color.

Ingredientenzoeker logo

Ingredientenzoeker logo in black

Ingredientenzoeker logo

Logo Ingredientenzoeker in color

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