Portfolio: In Libra logo

Client: In Libra
Year: 2018

Creation request: 

Design a custom logo for In Libra massage practice. Create a professional company logo which, by preference, incorporates the omega sign. The logo should be usable for business cards and letterhead (print), and website (digital).

Artist interpretation:

To the masseur, Bianca Jantz, the name “In Libra” captures her intention with her business. It means “In Balance”; to be balanced. The intention of her work is to bring balance back to the body and resolving issues. The repeated omega sign represents the balance she tries to achieve for her clients.

If this logo would be the human body, the blue filling represent its blood, muscles and energy flows. The pink represents its issues; those painful knots. Because the massage is supposed to trigger improvement, I’ve emphasized the arrows pointing to the heart of the logo. The color change of these arrows to yellow and green represent the change within the body. Therefore, completing the intention and story of In Libra. Hence, even bringing balance to my logo design.

In LIbra logo

In Libra logo

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