One day in Dusseldorf, Germany

Nora Tol in Dusseldorf

Me, in Dusseldorf, with the docks and Altstadt behind me.

For me, it’s not that far to travel to Germany. Dusseldorf is literally just a few hours away and, even on a low budget, it’s easy to find ways to get there. If you have plans to go there, these are the things you can fit into one day in Düsseldorf.

Dusseldorf Altstadt

Like many other German cities, Dusseldorf still has a historic part that stood the test of time. Düsseldorf’s Altstadt really makes you  step back in time. It’s very charming to stroll around in and has got some amazing places to eat, have ice cream or have a beer. I loved the vibe it had there.

Tour The Rhein River

Altstadt ends where the river Rhein begins. If you’re at the docks on a warm, sunny day, it will be busy. There are places to eat or sit in the grass and take in the rays. But, you can also catch a one of the various tours of the Rhein river. The tours all show you the river, as well as all the sites around the Rhein (like Altstadt, the beach and the harbor area). It’s worth checking out, if you have the time. Most tours take no more than an hour.

Architecture in Dusseldorf

Architecture in Dusseldorf

Walk Along The Promenade

From the docks, you can take a walk along the promenade to the media harbor. While you stroll, you’re passing the extraordinary parliament building with its strange round architecture. You’ll also walk through a bit of a park, passing the Rhein Tower.

Medienhafen (Media Harbor)

This lovely small sized harbor is surrounded by media companies. In contrast to Altstadt, this area is like stepping forward in time. Some buildings are funky and futuristic, from bright white to blinding silver (see photo). Others are colorful. If not the buildings themselves then the decoration of colorful men climbing all over the building. You just have to see it to understand. If you love photography as much as I do, you’ll go all out here.

BTW, as a photographer, you may also want to find out where the park is with all the clocks. Also, a great location for photography. I couldn’t find out on time for my trip.

Rheinturm Dusseldorf view

The Rheinturm’s shadow shows in my view at the Parliament building

Take In A View On Dusseldorf

Next, why not go up, up, up in the sky?! Visit the Rheinturm (Rhein Tower). You can’t miss it. It’s the highest building in Düsseldorf at 240 meter height.

The cafeteria the first stop you can take from the elevator. The ride is not as fast as the ones in American sky-risers, but it’s all part of the experience. It’s bizarre to see the amount of levels you pass. There are two stops. One for the cafeteria and for the restaurant, a level higher. The restaurant spins while you eat, so your view changes all the time. There’s a entrance fee for both. I went to the cafeteria and the view there is worth it. Seeing the parliament house from above is spectacular.

I found out later that you could take the stairs to an observation deck from the cafeteria. This gives you a clear view to take photos from. Oh well… another reason to go back.


Kö-Bogen meets the old Dusseldorf


The Königsallee is the place to be. The east side of this long street has gotten a fresh modern look with new tiles, a few years ago. There are quite a lot of nice brand shops in this area, as well as a mall. On the west side, you can find a nice garden (Hofgarten) to walk along in. It offers great views with beautiful statues in fountains. That modern eye-catching building you will find at the edge of the Hofgarten, is Kö-Bogen (pictured here on the left). It houses another massive mall. A great way to end your day and spend whatever is left of your travel budget.

Hope you enjoy your time there! Follow my Insta travel account @travels_by_nora_tol. 

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