My dance-pop song “Popular” is an uptempo track with a message to empower women. Altogether, there were 3 different versions available thanks to Australian producer and an American rapper. So, there’s a hell of a story to tell about how they all come about. Be sure to read the story about the song.

Cover of Popular Remix ft Mo Bizzy
Popular Remix ft Mo Bizzy

Song Info:

Song Credits:

  • Lyrics: Nora Tol
  • Original Music Production: Nora Tol
  • Remix: 14K Beats aka Tony “Knucklez” Inu
  • Genre: Dance-Pop
  • Release: 2012


That one time I performed the song….
and that one time I was messing about with the song


I know my looks can be deceiving
Got the B’s on my side
Got my blonde hair, my boobs, my butt
It all looks very nice
My clothes can be revealing
I’ve never been quite shy
Got a passion for fashion,
and a good sense of style

It attracts all the cats in the back of the alley
Crawling out of the dark
Lurking about in the cold of the shadow
Waiting to hit their mark
And I always look like I’m easy to assess
I’m pretty young thing in need of success

They say I’ll make you famous
I’ll make you a star
I’ll make you rich
I’ll make you popular
I’ll dress you up
You’ll go very far
I’ll make you loved
I’ll make you
Pop pop popular

I know my life can be confusing
Nothing traditional
Want the world in my hands
Yes – I want it all
My drive can be conclusive
I get up when I fall
Make a new set of plans
And then I’m ready to roll

It attracts all the suits in the back of the room
Who are stepping out to the night
Looking for something new to prove
Desperate for some light
And I must remind them of one hungry for more
But I’m an independent female who’s heard it before

They say I’ll make you famous
I’ll make you a star
I’ll make you rich
I’ll make you popular
I’ll dress you up
You’ll go very far
I’ll make you loved
I’ll make you popular


Hmm, well that sounds good
But I don’t see you move
To try to get me far
Tell me, who did you say you are?
Exactly, who did you make a star?

Go on make me famous
go make me a star
go make me rich
make me popular
Go dress me up
Get me a fancy car
Make me loved
Go on make me popular

Well that sounds good
But I don’t see you move
To try to get me far
Tell me, who did you say you are?
Tell me, who did you make a star?
If any talk of yours is real
Let me give you the deal
First, you get me there
That’s  when we’ll talk about your share

© 2012 Nora Tol


Photo Credits: Nora Tol

The Story Behind The Song

How Did The Song Come About?

In 2012, I wrote and produced song and it sounded like a very weak electro-pop track. However, I liked the lyrics and concept of it. It’s one of those tracks I felt had potential.

I’d connected to Australian producer, Tony Inu on ReverbNation. He had offered a few free beats on his profile and I wrote lyrics to a couple of his productions. We were just sharing the music we were working on and he then offered to do a remix of the song. His new production sparked changes at my end of the song, so we went back and forth a couple of times. In fact, we’re still working on this track to this date. Sometimes, it just takes persistence.


My original version was inspired by Lady Gaga’s first album, but you really don’t hear that back anymore.

What’s The Song About?

It’s about the sleazebags among men. The creeps. Most women know what I mean.

But, it says more than that. It says that what I wear, and how I look, is for me to decide and it’s not for the pleasure of men. That’s the perk they can keep to themselves. It’s about believing in your own strength as a woman to make things happen for yourself. It’s about knowing yourself. Staying true.

A Feminist Message?

I guess. At the time, I just had too many men call me ‘sweetheart’ or ‘honey’ at business meetings. They would not say that to me if I were a man, in those circumstances.

Simultaneously, there were people (not just men) in my life then who didn’t realize they had to show their added value before laying down demands. As a creative, it’s interesting to see how many people will only come along for the ride, rather than put the work in to keep the train moving. That’s what the last part of the song refers to. It’s a combination of circumstances that I respond to with the song.

How Did Mo Bizzy Get Involved?

We met over social media. He’s related to Mark Taylor, with whom I worked on “They’re Waiting 4 My Beat 2 Drop”. We had a lot in common. We both worked as web designers and were making music. The Internet allowed us to make this collaboration truly global. There’s a 14K remix with and one without Mo Bizzy on it.

He featured on this song, but we also worked together on another song called “Love Bliss”. I’ve mentioned that on social media, ages ago, but the song is yet to be released.


There have been so many issues with this song. It has appeared online, a few times, but basically the video of my performance of it is the only official release so far.

Vlogs About The Song

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