Miss Perfect

“Miss Perfect” is a mid-tempo electro-pop song which I wrote and produced. It’s a personal song that I only performed once, so far. The song is only available in a really rough demo version with vocal coach and singer, Kim Pendjol on vocals.

Performing the song in 2012

Song Info:

Song Credits:

  • Lyrics: Nora Tol
  • Music Production: Nora Tol
  • Vocals: Kim Pendjol
  • Genre: Pop
  • Release: 2012


You’ve been acting strangely lately
Maybe you should tell me what’s up
The way you’re looking at me
All that I can say is I had enough
I have had the rumors reach me
You and her are not getting along
What’s wrong?
I heard you’re looking to replace her
From that look upon your face
You think that I’m
The One

Turn me into miss Perfect
I’m not her
In fact I’m not much different than your girl
Turn me into miss Perfect
I’m not her
I’m not the end to all your hurt

Now that the word is out on the street
Let’s set it straight
Whatever you see in me
It’s only a sweet escape
You are cruising for bruising
If you think I’m the solution for you
It’s not true
There are things yet undiscovered
It makes me just like any other
Don’t you be a fool


Don’t quit a good thing
Get it out of your mind
You must be crazy to leave it behind
Don’t quit a good thing
There’s just one thing you’ll find
The grass ain’t greener on the other side


©2008/2010 Nora Tol; All Rights Reserved


The Story Behind The Song

How Did The Song Come About?

I was just playing around on the keyboard when the idea evolved. It’s really rough, because I had no idea how to mix music at the time. Kim offered to sing the vocals on it, so I’d have a better version to post to the Internet. She immediately felt like it had to be sung like Britney Spears sings and ran with that. I think the song’s got potential, but it needs a proper music production on it. Maybe one day….


Musically, it actually was Lady Gaga who inspired me, with her first album.

What’s The Song About?

The topic was actually based on a personal experience. A friend told me that someone we knew was developing a thing for me that even caused problems with his girlfriend. I wasn’t even interested in him, and I had no idea this was going on. That’s what the lyrics are referring to.


I uploaded Kim’s version to several musician platforms in 2012 and performed the song myself, once, in that same year.


The performance of “Miss Perfect” was a lot of fun. I took the opportunity to do a performance I’ve always wanted to do. It took some time to prepare. I choreographed a little dance. It’s one of my favorite performances.

Vlog About “Miss Perfect”

Behind The Scenes Of My Performance

Stream “Miss Perfect”

Sung by Kim Pendjol

Play it in ReverbNation
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