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Published June 14th 2017

On June 10th 2016, a full year ago, my single “A Sign” was released to all streaming services and online music stores, via CD Baby. The heartbreaking pop / r&b ballad about despair and the hardship of uncertainty was the result of an international collaboration between myself, Nora Tol, and US songwriter Anthony Dent of DatDatMusik. The vocals were mixed by me, with final mastering done by Hans Rusche.

How The Song “A Sign” Came About

The song explains the point of a relationship ending and the emotional tug of war between letting it go and wanting to make amends, turn back the hands of time. Initially, I got inspired by Toni Braxton’s song “Yesterday” featuring Trey Songz, in which they used the line “Drunk with regret”. I though this was so beautifully put and I’ve found myself feeling this way, at times. This quickly sparked the first verse and Anthony and I went back and forth with ideas to create the rest of the track, with me creating the vocal melodies.

Music video

A lyrics video was released soon after its release, but now, to celebrate its one year anniversary, I’ve created an official music video for the song.

The video was kept simple, even though the original intent was to turn it into a dance video (despite it being a ballad). I thought I could turn it into a really artsy video, but instead it shows the raw emotions that the song also describe.

YouTube Return

I loved shooting the video. It’s been about a year since I’ve made a music video or created anything for YouTube, for that matter. Hopefully the next video won’t take another long wait, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy “A Sign”. The video has also been uploaded to Facebook.

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