Performance “The Last Call” and “My Baby Left Me”

Recently, I’ve performed two songs at The Cube (Kubus). It was such a cool performance to do. One of those bucket list things.

Live Band

Not only did I perform with one of my own songs, but this time, I also performed with a live band! It was the first time I worked with other musicians like that and got to experience the power of a band making live music. Very addictive! I can’t find the words to explain how much fun this was.

Snippets Of Video

There are only a few little clips filmed of the performance. So, here it is to give you a little taste of what you missed! Hope to see you next time though! 

“My Baby Left Me” (Rox cover)

Just a little snippet of my performance with a live band

“The Last Call”

Singing my own song

Or listen to the audio of “My Baby Left Me” live

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