Music: Revealing the title of my debut abum!

I’m so happy to make the first detail available of my upcoming album and it’s probably the most important thing to know: The title! It’s going to be called: “Looking Back, Then Moving On“.

Title of my album: Looking back, then moving on

The title of the album

Best Caption Of The Album

I’ve decided to call it what it is. Because it’s my debut album, it’s a great opportunity to make a collection of all the songs I’ve previously released as singles. This is the part of the album that is ‘looking back’. The album will also include some previously unreleased music, as well as some new songs especially recorded for it. (aka the ‘moving on’ part)

More Than A Title

The title also gives a little hint to a change that’s been initiated in myself and my music.

Over the years, I’ve always been creating songs within the mainstream or commercial areas of the musical genres that I love. I grew up on music by Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears and even some Lady Gaga. They have been such inspirations and it was natural that I wanted to sound like them, too.

It’s been so wonderful that I’ve gotten the opportunities to record songs within pop, dance and r&b music, as well as play around with alternative and rock music on my Halloween craziness.

Testing The Boundaries

So, this album will be a full blown pop album. However, after this album, I would like to take my musical journey one step further and be genre-free. I plan to test the boundaries of various music genres. I want to try things out, so there will be a wider variation of music coming from me, which includes some more experimental stuff. Don’t worry, pop songs will still be included. It’ll be fun!

For now, it’s just what you would expect from me.

Keeping You Posted

Of course, I’ll be sharing more information about the debut album, “Looking Back, Then Moving On”, as we go along! Check back with my website or follow me on social media to stay updated!

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