See the official promo flyer for my album!

Nora with the flyers for the album

Ready for signing

It’s becoming very real. The promo flyers for my album are in! Yeah. And that’s not all that has been created to promote my music!

Hippiemarket Lelystad, the Netherlands

Next week, I’m promoting my business at the Hippiemarket in Lelystad, the Netherlands (read more about this in my previous news item). In preparation for this, I designed a lot of promotional materials, including a flyer to promote my upcoming album. Of course, I am ready to sign it for visitors of this event! ?

And Then A Small Wonder Occured

I’m not alone in creating things to promote my album on (and off) the Hippiemarket. I am blessed with a lot of creative friends who’ve offered help. Radio DJ Robert Wijnen created an extended audio commercial introducing the album. You may remember him. I used to have my own radio item in his show, Small Wonder. I’ll post up his (Dutch) radio commercial as soon as I can. In the meantime, here’s the flyer for you:

Promo flyer

Promo flyer

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