Oh yes, “Popular” will be on my album!

Cover of Popular Remix ft Mo Bizzy

The original song cover for “Popular Remix ft Mo Bizzy”

My song “Popular” was planned for release, ages ago. I performed it once, which you can find on YouTube, but it actually never got to see any official release.

Looking Back And Re-Recording

With my upcoming album, “Looking Back, Then Moving On”, I’m taking a musical trip down memory lane. I’m re-recording or finishing old tracks and this includes a remix version of my song “Popular”. It still features rapper Mo Bizzy, who did a vlog about our collaboration on YouTube, at the time.

This song will definitely be on my album. Obviously, as part of the looking back part.

Old And New Music

It’s been great fun looking back and working on my old tracks. Sometimes even hilarious, but new tracks are also created. Keep following my social media channels and keep checking back with my website for the latest news about it.



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