New music video in the works

Published January 20th 2016

For the last couple of days I’ve been working extremely hard on a new music video. This time for my song “Don’t Know Why I Got So Attached”. The song has been slightly changed compared to the version that’s already on the ReverbNation music player, which you can currently find on my homepage (and mixed for much better than before).

In the video I’m trying to literally explain the lyrics of the song, while the song words also show on screen.

The video is currently being edited, but here are a few screen shots to tie you over, until it gets uploaded to YouTube.

Nora Tol

At the end of my rope

Nora Tol

Wearing a beautiful dress

Nora Tol

A real tug of war

Nora Tol

I may have had your heart…

Nora Tol

Give me a Y for “WHY”

Nora Tol

Let me draw you the outlines

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