My new 2017 music profile picture

Published July 5th 2017

Nora Tol

Music blogger avatar since 2013

Sometimes, it’s just time for a change

After 4 years of using the same profile picture and avatar for all the promos of my music blogs and music news, it became high time for a change.

The original picture (as seen on the right) was taken during a photoshoot. The look was inspired by pop-rock singer P!NK. I love playing a bit of a role during photo shoots and with my hair back, it almost looks like her short hair and my makeup was just a little edgier than my normal look.

After receiving feedback from various people that they hardly recognized me with my hair up, it was clear that it may not have been such a smart idea to use it as my profile picture / avatar everywhere, so new pictures were taken.

All Natural New Profile Pictures

The new pictures chosen for all my (social media) profiles all come from the same shoot, to show consistency. It features me with my hair down, so everyone will recognize quickly that they have the right profile. As it’s the trend to let people know, I guess I should state the pictures are untouched, aka no filters, no Photoshop, just makeup and natural lighting. And so, without further ado, here it is:

Nora Tol profile picture 2017

My 2017 profile picture for my music (bogger) profiles

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