Celebrating 10 Years In Music With A New Look

Nora Tol

Premiering the new look!

There’s no better way to start a new year, and celebrate 10 years since the recording of my demo, than with a fresh, new look!

A New Look Fitting A New Chapter

This year, it’s all about moving on. Just like my album title suggests (“Looking Back, Then Moving On”). And with that, it was very fitting to choose a new look. Oh yes, you see it correctly, with platinum and pink hair!

Celebrating 10 Years Of My Music

Last year, I was dealing with a lot of my old music and looking back at old stuff. I was in the looking back part of my album and life also threw me into this mode. Old songs were re-recorded or finished that I’d been working on for the last decade!

Nora Tol smiling

I’m all smiles with my new hair colors

Catching That Electro Pop Sound

Yes, it’s exactly 10 years ago (next month) that I recorded my demo with “Burner” and “Catch Me”. It defined a path to combine electro pop, dance and r&b music. I’d already shared music in various styles online before these, but these songs marked a definition of me as an artist.

Defining My Artistry

Now, I’m excited to start a new chapter. I’m older and wiser, and ready to explore music beyond its commercial, mainstream pop sound. While fine-tuning this in my artistry, I also defined my look for now. Hope you like it!

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