My new blog gig: I’m on the Uber case

Published November 10th 2015

Just recently, I could share with you the news that I started blogging professionally for Kurrent Music, but now I can add a second blog topic to follow: Uber!

It’s amazing how much impact an app could have. With Uber, you can book a ride to wherever you need to go, much like a cab, but you will book a privately driven vehicle, with driver, nearby.

It has caused many problems for cab companies in cities where Uber has started operating, but Uber also caught a lot of blows.

As an entrepreneur with a great interest in the impact Internet has had on our everyday lives, I love seeing what happens with companies like these. They are game changers. They create new types of jobs, get people thinking about how things could be organized differently and yes, they also cause problems.

With new apps like these, other people get inspired to also innovate and the create new businesses around the services an app provides, like the client for whom I’ll be blogging, Uber Car Organization.

Their objective is to help people find and finance the car needed, to start driving for Uber or other companies like them. I’ll be one of the bloggers to blog for their website.

For me, as a writer, there’s so much going on with Uber, that there are enough topics and angles to explore, so I’m very excited about this gig and I’m pleased to see that my first blogs have already been published on their website.

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