My song “Don’t know why I got so attached” is trending!

The song “Don’t know why I got so attached”, featuring Bolivar M’Vulu, is trending on This means other musicians love us!

Platform For Musicians

I’m a prolific user of many online platforms for musicians. You already know, I’ve been on ReverbNation for ages. Since 2011, I’ve been on the top sections of their Pop charts on.

However, I’m on many other platforms too, including the upcoming InMusik website (previously known as Emeraz).

Peer To Peer

It’s a platform intended for musicians to connect from a distance and work on projects together to collectively pitch songs to bigger artists and labels, straight from the website. However, you can also upload your own songs to your profile, for other musicians to respond to.

Don’t Know Why I Got So Attached

I’ve uploaded my track “Don’t know why I got so attached“, featuring Bolivar M’vulu, on July 4th and the song has been trending since July 5th to now!

Screenshot InMusik

Screenshot trending notification

This means other musicians like the track, which is such a compliment! It means so much, especially considering that the track is so different from anything else that I’ve done! Feel free to listen to the song.

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