My first ever Facebook giveaway!

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My first Facebook giveaway

Every year more and more people start following me on social media. This year, in 2014, my Facebook likes have grown from just 77 to over 3000 likes! I share all sorts of things on my social media channel from my music to my hobbies like making jewely to personal moment. And it’s really worth it following me on more than one channel as I do try to post something unique on each channel. This way you’ll always get something exclusive regardless on where you follow me.

Time to give back, start a giveaway!

All the support I feel from everyone is something that is on my mind all the time. There’s always a moment in the day that I sit down and post something, but I think it’s about high time I really give something back. So I started my first ever giveaway! I’ve chosen to start with doing a giveaway on Facebook, because it’s one of the channels I have the biggest following on.

What can you win?

You can win a pair of ear rings that I’ve made, the gloves you’ve seen me wear on stage and on photos and I’m making sure you’ll get a personally signed photo! Go to my Facebook page to find out how!

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