Music: Debut album update – First tracks revealed

It’s been awhile since I’ve last shared any news about my upcoming debut album. The last time I shared some news was when I revealed its title in December 2017. Let’s just say that 2018 didn’t have the start I expected. Just like many other people around me, the flu bug struck me and stayed with me for way too long. Still, the work on the album has not at all stopped. It was just altered.

Debut Album Still Coming in 2018

While being sick stopped me from finishing recording my new songs, some of the songs that were released as singles before are now confirmed for the album. These are those songs that will be part of my debut album:

If you are aware of my music, you would have noticed this creates a mix of slow jams with uptempo tracks. I’m so happy that I can already share this news with you and will continue to keep you posted of any more news to come.

Album Cover Art

While the music and final track listing is still being worked on, the creation of the album cover is also taking shape. I expect that I’ll be able to share this with you pretty soon! The cover will put the title into an image, almost literally, but all will be explained when the album cover art gets revealed.

Second Promo Image

I will only share that this image, used as a second promo for the album, has a leading role in the album’s cover:

Debut album promo

The second debut album promo picture

Want even more?

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