Album artwork “Looking Back Then Moving On”

I’m still working on my debut album in the middle of all the preparation for the Hippiemarket Lelystad. The final track listing is still a work in progress, but I can reveal the final album artwork. Yeah!

Presenting the Album Artwork

I’ve tried to visualize the album’s title in the cover. The album artwork features a picture of me from the back with another picture of me overlaying it. The second me is looking into another direction. Hence, she’s moving on!

Don’t let me keep you in suspense much longer! This is the official album cover:

Album artwork of my debut album

The official artwork for my debut album “Looking Back, Then Moving On”

Album Update

The album is coming together nicely. There are about 10 tracks confirmed to make it to the release. Some are re-recorded existing tracks. Others are tracks that have never seen an official release before. Basically, the ‘looking back’ part of the album is done. I am working on the ‘moving on’ part of the album, so I’m finishing up new tracks.

Exciting Times

I’m very excited about what this album represents. Mostly, it’s been one of those bucket list things. I’ve always wanted to release an album and, now, I’m making sure it happens. However, it also represents me ending an era of my life and clearing the way for something new. It doesn’t mean the end of me making music. Not at all! But I will be experimenting with different types of music after this album. I’m pretty excited to see this part of my journey, as well as to start the next leg of it.

Release Date

With the album cover now revealed, I hope my next album updates will include the final tracklisting and, of course, the release date! Keep following me on my social media, and check back with my site often, for all the updates!

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