A new website navigation

Little by little, I’m making a few changes to my website and I’m very pleased to have just published a brand new navigation. I’m sure regular visitors will notice this right away.

For years, I’ve had split my professional interests into four main categories: Music, Internet, Design and Writing, but most of these are now part of my company, ElNorado Productions (which will get its brand new website soon). This gives me some room to turn this page into something a little more personal. I’ve changed the main categories into My creations, My interests and My work so you can get to know me better and I have the chance to share a little more of me.

My Creations

This is where you can find my music, but also my drawings, jewelry, things I’ve crafted and some digital designs I’ve made in my spare time.

My Interests

This category is home to my blogs. But you can also find the Internet knowledge I love to share and my travel experiences here. This is where you can find the HTML course and my music blogs

My Work

This is where you can find a link to my business and my portfolio.

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