Music: Trying my luck at the John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Published November 17th 2017

John Lennon Songwriting Contest

John Lennon Songwriting Contest

It has been several years since I’ve last entered a talent competition for songwriters. After doubting for a long time, I’ve decided to just try it again.

Songwriting Competitions Before

There was a time, many years ago, that I regularly entered the International Billboard Song Contest. This is now the International Songwriting Competition. They were the first not to really care about the quality of singing or the quality of recording. This made it possible for me to enter a contest with my home recordings.

Back then, the best thing about this contest, was that you would always receive feedback about your song. I have several report cards framed up, because it made my progress visible.

Songwriting Competitions Now

I’ve tried to find a contest with a similar service, but nowadays there are so many people able to record from home and this has given a boost to the amount of unknown artists around. No organization is crazy enough to offer feedback.

In my search of interesting songwriting contests, it became about the entry free, quality demands, judges and lastly, the prizes. Even though some songwriting contests say they are international, you can tell that the organizations are based in the United States. The prizes, in some cases, mainly benefit those located in the States.

John Lennon Songwriting Contest

Finally, I found one contest that I liked. It’s the International John Lennon Songwriting Contest. While other contests would let a lot of independent artists judge the best songs from the competition, this contest has a lot of well-known artists judging. This immediately gave me some idea if my music would fit their taste and would suit the competition. Just because I know them and their music better. For me, this was the push that made me choose this contest over others.

No Good At Starting Over

I’ve entered the competition with one of my more personal songs, “No Good At Starting Over“. When it was released, I received a lot of feedback on it and it clearly was one of the more stronger songs I’d written in a while. Let’s see how it does in competition.

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