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Published January 3rd 2015

Pentatonix and Stay Radical, and a guy who does it all on his own: Humphrey Riviera

The way I get introduced to new artists nowadays is mainly through friends and connections on my social media channels. US vocal group Pantatonix, for instance, got introduced to me this way with their “evaluation of Beyonce”. This sparked my interest in them to check out a lot more of their repertoire and trying to get tickets to one of their European gigs, but they were all sold out. Little did I know they were participants in Americas Got Talent, which I guess explained their huge following.

I think it’s great how vocal groups really have managed to find a great platform to present themselves with YouTube. Because I’m currently working on my creativity in coming up with background vocals I am suddenly listening to a lot of R&B groups from the 90s again, who are apparently all making come backs, as well as these amazing a cappella artists. A French guy called Humphrey Riviera made his way to my Facebook timeline several times in one day when my friends started sharing his Boyz II Men medley.

What a great way to tribute your favorites. It gets me thinking. I loved vlogging when I had the time to do it and the more active you are on a platform, the bigger your following will be there. Well… who knows, maybe soon. But other people have invested more time into it, and it isn’t all that surprising that successful YouTubers now come together to start groups. This is the story of a group called Stay Radical. Five YouTube stars, with each their own followers, join forces to become bigger. I love the idea!

I hope you can take a little more Christmas:

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