Usher invests in MasterClass after teaching one himself

Published February 27th 2016


Don’t scream at the teacher!

Not so long ago, Usher recorded his very own masterclass for a site full of interactive teaching videos, funny enough, called MasterClass. He was one of many stars to get involved with the platform. You could even get to be taught to sing, by none other than Christina Aguilera.

Usher Goes From Teaching to Investing

But now, Usher, is one of the newest investors in the platform. He, and a few others, including actor Robert Downey Jr, have collectively invested $15 million in the company.

Courses For All

With budgets for art and creative classes getting cut at schools, this online concept could very be on the rise. All MasterClass courses are sold for $90 per topic, even though they also have long term programs, which are priced differently.

Arts and Entertainment

This makes their educational videos accessible to any budget. It’s focusing on arts and entertainment first, but seeks to extend in other areas.

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