TGT split. Why are R&B supergroups short-lived?

Published December 21st 2015

Most supergroups get together for a single or an album. It’s usually a project on the side or a joint venture for a special occassion (for instance a movie soundtrack). Within R&B, many supergroups have come and disappeared, but the plan with TGT was different.


Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank formed the supergroup TGT with the intention to make this a long term collaboration.Atlantic Records saw the potential of the three R&B singers coming together and signed them for multiple albums.

Only one album has been released so far, “Three Kings”, which delivered 3 charting songs on the US R&B charts, including “I Need”.

Public Break Up

Just before the weekend started, social media, followed by some regular media outlets, blew up about a beef between Ginuwine and Tyrese, which made it clear real quickly that Ginuwine had left the group.

His departure was very unfortunate. Not just in the public break up the group has now had – Tyrese and Ginuwine took their comments to their social media channels – but also because the three, now dethroned, ‘kings’ were supposed to hit the studio, early next year, to work on their second collective album.

Why Is It So Hard To Keep A Group Together?

TGT are not the first R&B supergroup that came together for a long term thing. Others have tried before.

In theory the idea sounds like a match made it heaven when celebrities get together to collaborate on something new. Especially when the interest in the solo careers have decreased, it could really impuls a career to join a supergroup.

Is It An Ego Thing?

But creating a new group from solo artists comes with real challenges. All members have been around the block. The bond they’ll have among themself will be different than when a bunch of unknowns rise to fame together.

Are Solo Artists Team Players?

Ego is a sure thing to impact a group normally, but is probably even more so in the situation of supergroups. But it’s also a major adjustment to switch from being a solo artist to being a group member. Suddenly, you have to comprimize with other members and you’re also depending on your other team members to be just as dedicated as you are.

Giving it full dedication is hard when opportunities also arise to return to solo careers. In the case of TGT, Ginuwine was also rumored to be working on a new solo album this year. That could’ve easily impacted the groups’ plans.

In the end every artist wants recognition for their own work and if they can return to their own music, they probably will.

The remaining TGT members are still trying to figure out their next move and have apparently been approached by other stars who would like to take Ginuwine’s place.

Do you remember these R&B supergroups?

Among all of the R&B supergroups, there are some who made a lasting impression. Check these out and see if you still remember them:


Remember Milestone? The group was a one off thing and consisted of the Edmonds brothers (Babyface, Kevon and Melvin) and the brothers Hailey (K-Ci and JoJo). They had one song, one hit, and then everyone went their own way again.


LSG were also supposed to be a one album-project. The group brought together Johnny Gill, Keith Sweat and Gerald Levert. The hit “My Body” made it to many international charts and their first album went platinum in the States. Enough incentive to continue, so Keith Sweat, Gerald Levert and his dad Eddie as Johnny Gill’s replacement, released a second attempt later, which wasn’t as successful and ended the collaboration.


Even though it sounds like a good idea to get, once famous, R&B singers to team up for a new group, it’s not a guarantee for success. Blayse were formed by members of Blackstreet (Terrell Philips), Az Yet (Marc Nelson, Tony Grant) and Silk (Lil G (Gary Jenkins)). Blayse had plans to release an album, but they never did. Altogether, they have about 8 finished songs, which were released on a sampler.

Their song “Forever” was later recorded by Lionel Richie.

Lucy Pearl

In the brief time they were together, Lucy Pearl, were highly noted. The collaboration got nominated for various awards, but in the end, they became no more than a one hit wonder. The group consisted of En Vogue member Dawn Robinson, Raphael Saadiq (Tony! Toni! Toné!) and producer Ali Shaheed (A Tribe Called Quest). They achieved most success in the UK, with “Don’t Mess With My Man” getting the most international success.dan

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