Streaming music leads to sales in the UK

Published December 11th 2015

While, on one side, the music business is all consumed by the question whether streaming really is the future, there’s a study showing an interesting side effect on the other side. It turns out the decrease in cd sales is slowing down and for the second year vinyl sales are on the rise with 50% this year!

Personally, this is the same effect Napster had on me, back in the early days of music on the Internet, and Spotify now. It’s really nice to have a huge music catalog available at the touch of a button, but in some cases it’s led me to want a physical copy of the album or single.

And this is exactly the effect it’s having on today’s music fans in the UK. Apparently, people are using the streaming services as a discovery platform, but they still get seduced to buy what they really like. In the end, nothing beats owning the music and, in some cases, paging through the artwork that comes with it.

The UK’s music scene is actually positive that the CD might stick around after all.

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