Spotify is ready to compete and gets more social

Published January 21st 2016

Just a few days ago, I wrote an article about SoundCloud gearing up to compete with Spotify. The one thing SoundCloud has done, compared to Spotify, is add a social aspect to their streaming services. Now, Spotify is preparing to catch on to this as well.

Getting Social With Cord and Soundwave

After a recent round of acquisitions, Spotify can call itself the proud owner of Soundwave and Cord Project. Both are more active in the area of social and messaging, whereas Cord Project focuses on audio interaction and Soundwave focuses on messaging and sharing music.

Spotify will be using design and audio features from Cord, but won’t be adding voice messaging to their platform. What they plan to do with the techniques provided by Soundwave is not explained, but the app is known for tracking your musical behavior and that of your friends, in order to suggest new music to you. It’s also able to get you in touch with people, through their messaging function.

It’s a sure thing, the interactive and suggestive features, within the Spotify app, will see major changes once the teams are all in place. All parties have issued official announcements yesterday and are extremely excited to get started.

Go Behind The Music

There’s more though. Recently, Spotify has also managed to get a deal in place with Genius to provide more information about the songs. Genius delivers lyrics, the history behind a song and more details bound to be of interest to any music fan.

In the meantime, another rival, Deezer, has raised $109 million. The funds are raised to keep up with all the recent developments by competitors.

Would You Like Some Music With Your Coffee?

Nothing represent being social as much as a cup of java, so Spotify has also teamed up with Starbucks. Starbucks customers will be offered the opportunity to directly influence the playlist of the location they are in. By using the Starbucks app, people can add or remove tracks.

Altogether, exciting times ahead.

Read the announcements:


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