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Published: September 9th, 2014

Beyoncé’s last album was released without prior built-up, just a spontaneous release. Or so it appeared. As a beginning artist I was told at a BUMA event (equivalent of BMI and ASCAP) that this is the way to make enemies in the press. “Everybody loves to feel like they have the exclusive, so make sure you send your album out to the press well in time before the official release” was what I was told. Beyoncé skipped all of that, which she got just as much praise for as criticism. And now, others are doing it too. Today U2 have dropped their surprise iTunes release “Songs of Innocence” marking the start of a new era within the music scene. We already had pop up restaurants, pop up stores and now pop up music releases. I like it. Just tell me where to be for the first major pop up concert…

Read the full details about the U2 album at Rolling Stone magazine

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