One Direction show career overview in “History”

Published January 26th 2016

One Direction have just uploaded their video for “History”, the last single for the popular boyband for a while. The video shows the highlights of their career, so far.

Their Career In Three Minutes

The group is currently enjoying some time off to explore other things, like relationships and normal life, as well as other careers or solo music.

Just 5 years ago the band was put together on the UK version of X-Factor and very quickly grew out to be the most popular boyband in the world. They’ve been consistently working throughout the years, releasing an album every year and constantly being out on the road.

Top Earners

They were the top earners within the music industry for a couple of years and each member individually is estimated to have a net worth of around $41.2 million.

One Direction are currently on a break of, what is expected to take, 18 months.


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