New songs leaked from Madonna’s new album

Published November 29th 2014

For months rumours have been going around about song titles that are expected to make it onto Madonna’s new album. One of the titles that just keeps coming back is a song called “Rebel Heart”. Now the track itself has leaked on the Internet!

I just had to have a listen and was surprised with the intro sounding a bit like it could be a Kylie Minogue song. The moment the verse starts you know it’s Madonna. Since the “Ray of Light” album a lot of her songs have been about self reflection and “Rebel Heart” is another one of those. The sound and feel of the song to me reminds me of the “Confessions On A Dancefloor” era.

“Rebel Heart” is not the only track that has leaked on the web. The track “Wash All Over Me” also surfaced on the Internet. This has a very interesting intro and reminds you a little bit more of the dance music that’s out now. And this song too, has got a serious undertone lyrically.

Both tracks are not surprisingly refreshing. They are very fitting to the road she’s been on musically for years, but they are demos and anything can still happen to them! I’m sure someone at Madonna’s camp is having a pretty tough day though for the fact that this leak could even happen in the first place.

If you want to listen to the tracks, you can by following this link:

New Madonna tracks “Wash All Over me” and “Rebel Heart” leaked in full (

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